After working as professional nurse for seven years and traveled widely, Sherene and Jazmine understand the need for nurses to look beautiful. Both passionate about fashion and life, they created “ProFashional Nurse” to show nurses that they can be professional and still rock good looks. Incorporating Fashion into the nursing field only took dedication, effort, and innovation. Fashion enthusiasts themselves, Sherene and Jazmine, want to help nurses become stylish and trendier. With hopes to see nurses look more stylish, Sherene and Jazmine decided to introduce fanny packs. Nurses usually find these little assistants as “OLD FASHION,” but Sherene and Jazmine thought otherwise. Nurses now have these fanny packs available to them in varieties of colors and designs. For a career such as nursing, one has to be ready at all times. Stay prepared and smart while looking fashionable.

"Your 12-hour shift can be so much smoother."

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